Behind the Camera


I have a deep passion for all things photo and video, and aim for excellence in all that I do. My background in film and digital photography started from a very young age, with a love of expression and storytelling propelling me forward.

            I am currently finalizing a B.F.A in New Media at the University of Lethbridge, in Alberta, Canada. In this program I have a focus in cinema studies and production, allowing me to thrive with project based learning in which I am always creating new content. As I leave student-hood, I am pursuing a full time career in film and video production in Calgary.

            To pursue my passion outside of school I do freelance photography and videography, shooting all subjects and events as the opportunity arises. I also spent a summer in Waterton Lakes National Park, shooting for Parks Canada.

            Outside of school and work I have also been involved with the Medicine Hat Photography Club, and was elected to their executive team in my youth. In my down time, I love camping and hiking in the mountains of Alberta and BC. 

            I'm someone who loves being on the go, and am always excited to tackle the next mountain ahead of me. 


2017/18 | Undergraduate Student Showcase | Lethbridge, AB

A bi-annual online showcase of the highlights of New Media undergraduate work for that semester. 



2017 | Crossing Boundaries Symposium | Lethbridge, AB

A New Media Department event, in which I exhibited a prototype version of my expanded cinema project, "Light Room".

2017 | Lamps 17 Student Film Festival | Lethbridge, AB

Runner up with my short film, "Learning to Grieve"

2015 | Kaleidoscope of The Arts | Medicine Hat, AB

I was in charge of photographing each act that performed on the main stage, and provided these to students and the school district.

2014/15 | Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words? | Medicine Hat, AB

This exhibit was a collaboration I organized and contributed to between the Medicine Hat Photography Club and Rhyme and Reason Writer's Club.

2014 | Illumination | Medicine Hat, AB

This was the annual exhibit of the Medicine Hat Photography Club, in which my work was shown, as well as a piece I modeled for.

2012 | Canada Rumble Exhibit | Medicine Hat, AB

Participated in a film photography contest, culminating in my film landscape image being chosen for the ‘Alberta” category. This work was displayed in the Toronto Lomography store/gallery space.

Artist Statement

My field of interest lies strongly in video production, stemming from a foundational passion for photography. To me there is a seamless unity between photos and videos, and my work in each medium constantly informs the other.

         I truly thrive behind a camera, and desire to contribute to a team making impressive film and video content. I am especially interested in working on a movie or television set, or making music videos. Aside from these video fields, photojournalism and travel photography have always intrigued me.

          Recently, I have been using short film productions as a platform from which to explore complex stories of emotional vulnerability. This initially lead me to themes of introspection, using self-analysis to better prepare me to convey emotionally complex stories. This resulted in Learning to Grieve - a cathartic process of me visualizing what my own grief felt like. More recently, I directed and produced My Body Doesn't Belong to You and this definitely expanded upon the vulnerability and empowerment I had explored in previous works and has helped to explore my personal cinematic style. 

          I am definitely inspired and informed by many photographic influences and inspirations, such as the fusion of nature and intimacy in the portraiture of Gabe McClintock. Another inspiration that I’ve had since childhood is that of Yousuf Karsh - his use of stage lighting, and ability to tell stories of his subjects even within one frame is truly admirable.

         As far as filmmaking goes, I have great respect for Reed Morano and her low light techniques and expressions of complex characters in her work. I am also a firm admirer of Rob Hardy's most recent works with Alex Garland and love how they are visualizing the science fiction genre with a new feeling of grace and reverence. These filmmakers abilities to visualize touching moments with depth and reverent beauty are definitely skills I aspire to emulate.

© 2019 - Chinara Adhofer

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