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There's no time like quarantine to get fit....right? Stacy tries to follow along with a home workout video that seems to be made just to make her feel worse about her body.

Co-Produced and directed by Sean Davidson & Chinara Adhofer. Produced for the 2nd edition of The Quarantine International Film Festival, and selected as a Top 40 Finalist. 


An artist struggles to find an idea worth pursuing and wrestles with the meaning of creation and the creative process. This was produced in four days while social distancing, and as such was a one woman show.

Directed and produced by Chinara Adhofer. Produced for Quarantine International Film Festival 2020, and selected as a Top 40 Finalist, this film took home the award for Best Experimental.

My Body Doesn't Belong To You

This short film, with a run time of 12 minutes, was directed and produced  in the Spring 2018 semester as the result of an independent study - Cinema 4990. This was adapted to film from a poetic personal essay on sexual harassment by Heather Burtman, as published in The New York Times. As such this piece is subject to certain copyright, and cannot be posted publicly online. It can be shown for educational purposes, and submitted to festivals and I encourage you to reach out if you would like to see the final piece. Massive thanks are in order for every member involved in production as the no-budget nature of this film required a lot of volunteer work to make it possible. 

This film, from start to finish was the best learning experience I ever could have asked for, and was honoured to have the chance to work with the script I did. The subject matter of female confidence and maintaining autonomy and dignity despite societal sexualization is one that I am very passionate about in many realms and was excited to visualize. 

I aimed to express this sensitive subject with an empathetic, universally approachable lens.Throughout production I kept this theme at the core of all decisions, especially with a spirit of fostering female collaboration and encouragement. 

This was a film of finding my confidence in filmmaking, and finding my voice and style as a female filmmaker.

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A spoken word piece honouring the godly woman, written by Britny Virginia, edited by Chinara Sandham, filmed by Shereese Morrison, and recorded by Curtis Mclelland.

All editing and graphics were my responsibility.

This also served as my final project for a post production class in my Spring 2018 semester.

Learning to Grieve

This is a very personal short film, in which I visualize myself processing grief and learning to address feelings of loss after the passing of my father.

Originally filmed for a cinematography and lighting class, this video projects also won as runner-up at LAMPS short film festival in 2017.

Faux Commercial

Made for a class studying social media and digital identity, this motion graphics ad is part of a hypothetical social media campaign that was pitched as part of a final group project.

This campaign has potential to run in the future, and would aim to get a new follower base from the University of Lethbridge graduates.